Invest 20 Bucks and 11 Minutes and Change Your Life

By Dr. Jay Polmar

I am sure you know how to read, after all you are reading this article. But just how long will it take you to read this short article. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, longer. Did you know that for twenty bucks, and just 11 minutes of your time you can change your life in ways you never imagined -- all by reading. It takes just 11 minutes to hear how Dr. Jay Polmar learned to read fast, and you'll learn 3 secrets to improving your life through by reading.

Smart people already know what I am talking about - learning how to use your brain properly so that what you read becomes usable data, and knowledge to help you create greater success in life.

In truth, the more you read of a similar subject, the faster you read that subject. The faster you read the subject that you are familiar with, the more that it becomes a part of your long-term memory. That's why when you first study basic primary school math, and you follow it and study smart, and go all the way through college - math is a thing that you become accustomed to. If you've studied really smart, it's really easy, and you can do some of it in your head without calculator or paper and pen.

It's similar with reading, yet different. Imagine it this way - you'll learn in 11 minutes how to read all kinds of materials more rapidly with greater comprehension than before, and get what you need out of it. Of course, it a beginners course, but in 11 minutes your increased your reading speed say 60-80% and as you use the techniques over the next few days the speed increase, and so does your understanding and comprehension.

Once you've spent $20 and studied for 11 minutes you will accomplish a great deal. But, what if you learned also, how to read a book for best understanding and comprehension for test-taking or pleasure, and what if you also learn to write a paper for school, or grad school - without stress in 10 days or less, would that make your life easier.

In 11 minutes flat, you will improve the quality of your life for 20 bucks, you really can't lose. Remember also, the more you read, the better you read, the more you remember - that's how the brain works. So work your brain. - 33386

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Review Of Canon Power Shot Cameras

By Marcel Torres

Canon power shot cameras are a great buy if you are in the marketplace for a new camera. Most models have excellent picture quality particularly for a compact camera that you can carry with you. You can buy models that are light weight and really easy to use. The prices are reasonable when you factor in the quality of photos you get.

Different models tend to have different amounts of both megapixels and memory. The megapixels will affect the standard of photos and memory will work out how many photos your camera will save. They also have many various features available.

The power shot is really a collection of cameras produced by Canon. Features change considerably by model. Some of these are water evidence while others might be more light weight. Most of the cameras in this series have features to allow you to take quality photographs even in dim lighting. If you have an idea of what you need then you will find the model you need simply.

If you can see it then you can take a picture of it. These tend to be basic point and shoot type cameras that needs very little from the user. They are great for beginners and is going to be perfect for a first camera for a younger person who would like to learn.

The power shot series also has a semi-professional camera. These are great but they'd require a little more form the user. This isn't your basic point and shot and they may be more complex. It is not endorsed for casual users who want to take photos of family events like holidays. You'll likely need more experience to take the sort of pictures you need with this.

The price of the Canon power shot cameras will rely on the features and model you select. You can get these at any local retail store or online . - 33386

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How To Succeed In Farmville

By Brock Davis

In Farmville, there are different ways to achieve success. How to succeed at Farmville is fast becoming one of the more popular Google searches to do with playing Farmville. Should you build or should you not, what should you plant and what to harvest, do you need to save or spend, and the list goes on.

One of the very first things to do if you want to learn how to succeed at Farmville is to check out the forums for Farmville. You will pick up some useful tips and know how. One thing that you should do if you want to level up quickly on Farmville is to get lots of neighbours.

A bonus to having Farmville neighbours is that you can get them to send you free gifts. Also you can get them to help you with your crops and in return you can help them and get paid for it.

With the free gift, you will not have to buy certain trees and animals. Also if you get too many of the same gift you can sell them. You must remember to reciprocate and send your neighbour something in return when they send you gifts.

How to succeed at Famrville will depend on whether you can play regular or if you can speed up the way you do things on the farm. The one thing that will define how well you do in Farmville is how much effort you put into playing the game. Playing Farmville like any other game takes time.

If you want to speed up plowing, planting and harvesting your crops or animals, it is to block your farmer in. This is done by building a fence around him or her using fence panels or bales of hay.

After you log in, your farmer will be standing in a certain location. That location only changes if you increase your farm size.

Make sure the land your farmer is standing on is unplowed. You then can proceed to use whatever you have on your farm to build a barrier around him or her. Once you have done that you can then plow, sow and harvest anywhere on your farm. You will not need to wait for your farmer to walk to where you are working. Your plowing, sowing and harvesting will be much faster.

You will level up gradually as long as you follow the basic rules. I hope the few tips I have mentioned will help get you started. There are many tips showing you how to succeed at Farmville.

There are much quicker ways to level up on Farmville to be found on the internet such as Farmville Secret Tips. If you want to see how fast you can really level up very fast on Farmville then you need to visit the link below. - 33386

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Useful Guide On How To Enjoy Camping If You Are A City Slicker

By Larry Forest

Basically, there are some people in the world who definitely love to go camping. They definitely love the outdoors and also enjoying all of nature. Then there are also other people who really hate the outdoors. They would much rather enjoy the comforts of a home. These types of folks generally are referred as city slickers. Well in this article we are going to go over some ways that a city slicker can still enjoy camping.

First of all, the real best way is to go and get an awesome RV rental. RV rentals are great because you can go camping and enjoy all the comforts of home. You can enjoy a nice soft bed with a TV if you like. Plus an RV will also have running water, a toilet and shower, along with a refrigerator. In other words they can still enjoy the outdoors while still having all of the comforts of the 20th century. That is what people love about my San Diego RV Rentals.

Maybe renting a cabin is actually another way you can enjoy the outdoors for that type of person. This is basically for people who still won't be fully satisfied with an RV. By renting a cabin, although technically do not appear like a camping, you still enjoy nature. You can certainly go to a great outdoors site and still enjoy all of nature to the fullest. That is one of the biggest benefit to my Campland on the Bay RV rentals.

Well once you get them out to the great outdoors they probably won't enjoy fun things like hiking. So you could do other activities. If there is a lake then you could definitely go swimming or boating. You can surely take them out to the lake to catch some fish especially if they like fishing. All of these are great activities for them to enjoy.

Finally, another great activity if they don't like hiking is actually to take a mountain bike and go explore the woods. You might not be able to really get to every place that you could do in walking of course, but it is still fun.

So there you have some of the great ways you can get a city slicker to enjoy the outdoors. It isn't exactly camping at times, but definitely, you will still fully enjoy most of the things you do when camping. - 33386

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Tips For Farmville

By Brock Davis

People around the world is asking for help with Farmville. It has become a popular search question that is Googled many times per day. Farmville help tips sites, and blogs now run into the thousands all claiming to have the most up to date or best Farmville tips. The problem is some of these tips can make you lose your Farmville or Facebook account.

Farmville help tips are what thousands of Farmville players look for each and every day. They do this so that they can hopefully level up quickly on Farmville, or to earn extra experience points or Farmville coins. This is not surprising when you realise that the higher up you get on Farmville the better crops, animals, buildings and tools you can access.

What you have to be careful about though is that there are some types of Farmville cheats and tips that are considered illegal by the providers of Farmville and /or Facebook. These are what are known as hacks, you are shown how to download a program, and then how to run it as you are playing Farmville.

You will be shown how to alter or change part of the computer code of the game itself to give you the edge. If you decide to use these forms of cheats then you need to know what you are risking. If you get found out by the games provider you will face having your access to Farmville suspended.

If the games provider notified Facebook, there is a real risk that your Facebook account will be blocked by them.

Do not think that you may be able to get around this block by just registering for a new account under a different name, because they may actually block you by using your IP address. An IP address is the unique address every computer has in the world that accesses the internet.

Unless you know how to change or hide your IP address, whatever computer you use in your home to try and get onto Facebook will not be successful.

To end, here is a simple but affective tip for you. Use hale bales or fences to surround your farmer so that you block him in. This will speed up your sewing and harvesting. This is a legal tip with no risk involved.

Use only legal tips and tricks is the best advice I can give you. Learn them and you will not be left behind as other Farmville players soar to the top of the chart.

You need to visit the link below to learn all the legal Facebook tips and tricks - 33386

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Lighting a Cigar

By Dave Sabot

Smoking a cigar is a different affair than smoking a cigarette. There are etiquette concerns regarding when and where it's appropriate to light up as much as there are etiquette concerns regarding how one lights up. Following both is certain to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Some cigar smokers will prefer to use matches, some will use cigar lighters and still others will use cedar strips to light-up. This is largely the preference of the smoker.

The host will generally offer a cutter. This is used to cut away the sealed end of the cigar so that it can be smoked. Make sure to hold the cigar over an ashtray when doing this. The scent just after cutting can be quite enjoyable, as well, so enjoy the aroma! Next comes the actual lighting which is something of an art.

Most cigar smokers prefer either wooden matches or butane lighters. This has to do with the lighter fluid taste that can be impaired to the tobacco by other lighters. Ask for a match or a torch lighter if offered a cigar. Usually, a trimmer will be on hand. One will need to trim off the end of the cigar to expose the tobacco before lighting.

The goal when lighting a cigar is to achieve a temperature sufficient for combustion but not one that is so hot that it ruins the flavor of the tobacco. The cigar should not be plunged into the flame. One simply holds the flame below the wrapper and employs the same technique as was used to warm the cigar excepting that one puffs hard enough on the cigar to draw the flame to the tobacco. This may take a few seconds and, after the cigar is mostly lit, there will likely be some spots that haven't ignited fully. Take the cigar out of the mouth and blow on it to get it burning evenly.

When lighting, repeat the process but puff hard enough to draw the flame to the cigar. Don't plunge the end of the cigar into the flame. This is not only poor etiquette; it ruins the flavor of the cigar. If the cigar doesn't light all the way through, which is often the case, pull it out of the mouth and blow on it to get the tobacco burning evenly. After that, the only etiquette involved is puffing away and enjoying the flavor. Remember that cigar smoke is not inhaled; it is simply puffed into the mouth where the flavor is more enjoyable. - 33386

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Chicago's Pump Room Restaurant Jumping Once Again

By Ross Everett

One of the few restaurants in the country to be immortalized in a Sinatra song, the Pump Room in Chicago is now a hot spot once again. The Pump Room was one of the first quality restaurants to open in Chicago after the end of Prohibition, and soon became a Windy City icon. In addition to Sinatra (who sang the praises of the place in the classic song Chicago), the place was a favorite hangout of a lot of famous people including Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Ronald Reagan, Bette Davis and numerous others. The Pump Room, named after a spa in Bath, England, remained open long after the giants that once graced its premises had left. Unfortunately, time took its toll on the legendary establishment, and its culinary fare was soon surpassed by the fine dining scene exploding in Chicago and characterized by uber-chef Charlie Trotter.

The Pump Room opened in'38 under the ownership and management of Ernie Blyfield. Blyfield's inspiration for the name and ambiance of his restaurant was an'th Century London pub frequented by celebrities and nobility, including Queen Anne. The 'Pump Room' moniker came from the hot drinks 'pumped' into the cocktails of its customers.

Blyfied's Chicago Pump Room took off immediately, and its most sought after table--'Booth 1' may have been the most desired spot of any dining establishment in the country for a time. Booth 1 was occupied by Sinatra and cronies like Jilly Rizzo, Judy Garland and daughter Liza Minnelli, Clark Gable, John Barrymore as well as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

After Blyfield's death in'50, the Pump Room lived on as a Chicago hot spot and welcomed a new era of big names including Mel Brooks, Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Eddie Murphy. One of the most famous stories surrounding the club involves former Genesis drummer Phil Collins, who was refused entry for not wearing a jacket. This inspired the title of his next album 'No Jacket Required' which has sold over-- million copies worldwide and established Collins as a solo superstar. Following its release, the Pump Room sent Collins an apology--and an appropriate jacket for him to wear on his next visit.

Since being purchased by the Dallas Restaurant Group in the late'90s, things are hopping again, however. With the extremely talented chef Martial Noguier at the helm (who has worked in the kitchen of a number of Frances most renown chefs), and a $2 million dollar restoration of the facilities, the Pump Room is back among the rarefied heights of Chicagos best restaurants. Though the flaming food served on a sword that was the Pump Room trademark during its golden era is sadly absent (due to city fire codes), the menu is now up to snuff serving Noguiers sophisticated interpretation of classic American cuisine. In addition to the revamped cuisine, the Pump Room upgraded its wine offering and expanded the bar area.

Current Executive Chef Nick Sutton has continued the restaurant's tradition of excellence. The big draw of the Pump Room, however, remains the amazing sense of history that the dining room offers. The realization that a who's who of civilized American culture from Bogart and Clark Gable to Sinatra and Jackie Gleason broke bread in the room is a pretty amazing vibe. The good news is that the Pump Room again offers the quality of food and service worthy of such icons, and is a victory for culinary excellence amid the national infestation of mediocre chain restaurants. - 33386

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